Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the Coaching Cafe?

What it is not is a coffee shop. It is not a specific place or location but a process. It does have a location in Canberra as its starting point, but the location is not important to its purpose.

It is about people. People connecting with people. People sharing their essence, their experiences, their discoveries. People learning, growing and evolving with other people.

It is about throwing away the limitations of our learned Beliefs, and exploring the richness of other people's lives and experiences, and evolving through the process.

It is about learning to coach and be coached, to give and to receive, with no agenda, no needs to be met, in the safety of a judgment free zone.

Our Life's journey started with us taking on the Beliefs of the people around us. Now we are invited to broaden our Beliefs, broaden our horizon, our view of Life and the universe. We can only do that through interaction with other people. It is how we recognize our own limiting thoughts and beliefs, and how we are challenged to question them and expand them.

Where is it located?

The first physical location of The Coaching Cafe is at 2/71 Dundas Court PHILLIP ACT Australia.

Coaching Cafe's will also be run by conference call to allow global access to these evolutionary groups.

How, where and when are the cafes run?

Each Coaching Cafe is made up of 15 to 25 people. No specific link, ties or shared background is required. The richness comes from the diversity. Each cafe group meets for 2 hours, at the same time each week, either by conference call or in person.

Groups are hosted at various time slots and various days of the week by coaches Chris and Karen Tazreiter, who will act as Guides and Mentors for each group.

How do I pick the right Cafe group?

The Universe constantly provides us with new experiences and new opportunities to learn, grow and evolve. It works in ways beyond the understanding of logical thought. "There is nothing we HAVE TO DO."

If these words speak to you, take a leap of faith in yourself and come along as a guest to see for yourself. There is nothing you have to do, nothing to organize or make happen, other than just showing up. The universe will guide you to the right group of people, put there just for you and your journey of learning, growth and your conscious evolution.

Are there Specific Groups?

Cafes can and will also be set up for specific groups, who share a common experience in Life. As an example, we intend to start a cafe for people who are part of a blended family, and who want to focus on that experience in their Life.

Cafes can also be set up in work groups, special interest groups etc. Imagine a coaching cafe set up at parliament house, with members from all parties participating in a process where their political beliefs and differences are put aside for a short period each week, and their focus is purely on suspending any form of judgment, and replacing it with a state of curiosity and understanding. Where could that lead us?

What else do I get?

In addition to


The richness of the cafe is in the diversity of input, and the value is in its continuity. The cost is either $22 per week for Cafe members or $33 for individual visits. Your first visit is always free. Membership is set up and paid as an automatic debit, as long as you choose to participate, so that money issues do not take up the time allocated for this evolutionary experience. For those attending a cafe in person, if an important engagement prevents you from attending, you will have access to a phone cafe at a different time that week.

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