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Meet Chris Tazreiter

Chris TazreiterI find it difficult these days to answer the question "What do you do?" It is a traditional opening when people meet, yet for me, because I no longer identify myself by what I do, or by my achievements, possessions and goals, it has become a harder question to answer. "I experience Life, I am Life experiencing Life" would be my intuitive response, thought not one easily given in our current cultural norm.

My life is rich and varied. I am and always will be a father to our 11 children, and a partner to my wife Karen. I play the role of Guide, Mentor and Coach to people all around the world, helping and guiding them to find the same richness in their life that I experience in mine. Helping people find that inner Joy, Love and Peace we were all born with, and learning to live Life without the stress and pressure that the human story has taught us so far.

Karen and I work together in our coaching business, coaching people in groups through The Coaching Cafe, as well as individually and in family groups through our work with blended families. Our first book, E=OB² led me on a lifetime journey of discovering/remembering about the ONEness of human energy. I have also become a Reconnective Healing Practitioner, and a student of everything that is our human Energy.

My work is also taking me into the area of corporate wellness coaching, helping work groups (businesses and corporations) to develop a stress free culture of common growth, learning and evolution.

We humans are living in a fish tank full of dirty water, and it is making us sick. "Instead of trying to manage our sickness as best we can, we simply need to change the water." (Robert Young) That water is our energy. The electro magnetic energy of our individual bodies, the groups we belong to, from family to friends, work groups, communities, nations and humanity as a whole, including our planet. We are living with unhealthy energy that we have the ability to change, and change it we must if we are to survive.

I live with my family in Canberra, Australia. Originally born in Austria, I have become a member of the global community, working with the SHIFT Network to be a part of the conscious evolution of humanity that is gaining pace every day. "I have rewritten the story of my own Life, from the one I was told while I was a child, one that told me we are all separate people, separate tribes and separate nations, living in fear of each other, feeling the need to protect ourselves, to accumulate and hoard everything in case others take it and we miss out; a story now changed and rewritten by an awakening of my consciousness, an understanding that we are all part of ONE energy. Like a single drop of water in an ocean, we are both unique and part of the whole. The flow of our energy affects the energy of the whole. In order to change the water in the fish tank of humanity, each one of us needs to change the water in our own tank, the flow of our own energy, which we all individually influence. We are all part of the universe and it is part of us. "We are Life experiencing Life."

My experience of Life is all about people. All my learning and growth comes from other people. "While I work with people, helping them on their journey of learning and discovery, in reality, each of them has something for me to learn."

I have experienced the feeling of eliminating Fear, Anger and Sadness from my Life, to live a Life without stress. "My consciousness is in a state of Love, Peace and Joy. My purpose in Life is to share that energy with the people who touch my Life. To guide and mentor people to discover that which is theirs from birth, the pure Love, Peace and Joy of this experience we call Life."

Meet Karen Tazreiter

Karen TazreiterKaren Tazreiter is an Energy and Total Wellness Coach, a Reconnective Healing Practitioner and a family and relationships coach. She is energetic, fun-loving and compassionate. When asked what she does, her response was 'YES, I am all those things AND MORE, best of all though, I am a mother of a blended family of 11 children - this is what makes my heart sing - this is why I am here.'

Karen works with women and families, helping them through some of the biggest challenges and breakthroughs they will have or will ever experience.

Women today face challenges that their mothers and grandmothers would never have even thought of. As women, we get intrinsically caught up in the ROLES that we play, and soon lose who we really are. As Karen said ' It took me awhile to acknowledge that I loved my own company and I was excited about discovering the Karen I was born to be.' Many women believe they have to choose between a family and a career, that it is too difficult to do both successfully. Karen can show them that they can have either or both, and how to have exactly the life they want. The key? According to Karen is 'Take the time to re-discover YOU and what makes your heart sing... then GO AND DO IT!!'

As a coach and mentor, Karen helps people reconnect with themselves first, then with their partner, their children, and often with their parents. Together with her husband Chris, Karen has made coaching and mentoring others through the challenges that life throws their way on a daily basis, her ongoing mission and focus. Many women, and particularly mothers, struggle with their self worth, and the purpose of their life. Karen's role as a coach is to help them learn how to create a life full of passion, purpose, and fun.

This is where The Coaching Cafe has made and will continue to make a difference in people's lives. We need other people around us on a daily basis to draw our energy out, to mirror our lessons to us and to truly feel CONNECTED and grounded. As humans (and particularly women) we need to have that safe, social interaction where we know that we will always be greeted with a smile, a hug and a cup of tea, and know that yesterday was yesterday, you can't change it; tomorrow will be whatever tomorrow brings; but today... today is NOW... take it all in, and be grateful for the experiences that it brings to your life.

Karen's parting words of advice - 'Learn what YOUR song is and SING it, loud and proud for all the world to hear.'